Friday, August 12, 2011

A Few Photos.....

Starting Off At Happy Isles
Here are some photos, not in any order, just a few to share. Day by Day Trip Report Coming Soon.....

Just Before The Cables On Half Dome

Looking North On Way Up To Glen Pass

View North From Glen Pass

View North On Way To Forester Pass

Frozen Lake North East Of Forester Pass

Myself On The Bighorn Plateau

View West Above Guitar Lake

Relaxing From Camp At Guitar Lake Tarn, Mt. Whitney Behind Me

Sunrise Atop Mt. Whintey, Alpine Glow

Myself At Sunsise On Whitney

Final Stats: 235.0 Miles, +48,400' Of Elevation Gain

Alot Of Snow Travel

East Of Lake Virginia

Just South Of Silver Pass

Looking West From Marie Lakes

Looking West From Evolution Lake

Looking South From Evolution Lake

Sunset After Some Thunderstorms

Sunset After The Storm

Looking South From Sapphire Lake

Wanda Lake

Looking North On Way Up To Muir Pass

Lots Of Beautiful Flowers On The Trail

Looking West On Way Up To Palisade Lakes

View From Upper Palisade Lake

Looking Towards Mather Pass From Upper Palisade Lake

Looking West From Mather Pass Ascent

Upper Basin

Lake Marjorie

Looking North On Ascent Of Pinchot Pass

Looking North From Pinchot Pass

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