Sunday, July 17, 2011

Here we go.......

July 17, 2011: We (Wife, Niece & Myself) leave for Yosemite this Tuesday. We are camping at Tuolomne Meadows for two nights, then move down to the valley floor Thursday. The plan is to dayhike to North Dome and Lempert Dome on Wednesday to see the grand view that is Yosemite. It will be nice to chillax a few days up there before shoving off Friday morning at 0600.

I have decided to bring my Ice Axe with me. The reports coming in from the Pacific Crest Trail Through Hikers tell a story of icy passes and wet crossings. I have waterproofed my gear and will adjust my itinerary as I go to deal with all that snow and water. Sounds like alot of the PCTers started solo, but have created unions to help eachother through the difficult sections. I hope to do the same on my journey.

Well, this is it. Wish me luck. If all goes well, next blog entry should be around August 6th :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I will have my Spot on while traveling. I will also send an okay message each night once I am safe and sound in camp. Here is the link:

Re-Supply Bucket Mailed Yesterday

July 1, 2011: Mailed my re-supply bucket to the Muir Trail Ranch today. 20 Pounds of essentials and goodies for the MTR to Whitney Portal final section of the John Muir Trail. Most everything is packed and ready to go. I put my pack together with the Muir Trail Ranch Re-Supply food/rations and the packed weighed 42 pounds, not too bad for 8 days of food and junk. Should have a pack that weighs around 35 most of the trip.

 Food is labeled by day and sorted, then checked for appropriate calorie consumption, Once this is complete, all the food is sent to either the "Starting Pack", the "Tuolomne Meadow's Box" or the "Muir Trail Ranch Bucket".

It is looking like this is going to be an epic battle with the snow/melt off conditions. Record snowfall in the Sierra combined with a colder than normal Spring has wrecked havoc on the Pacific Crest Trail through hikers that have pushed on through so far. A number of the PCTer's have made it to Reds Meadow and Tuolomne Meadows and the early reports and WOW!!!!  Miles and miles of snow travel, collapsing snow bridges and  treacherous water crossings have made the going tough. But it is encouraging that someone has made it so far.

My first day on the trail is July 22nd, three weeks to go. We are having some good heat finally and I am hoping the conditions/melt off improve over the next three weeks. I am going to do my best to complete the trip as planned but safety and happiness will come first, if I have to turn back or bail early then so be it, there is always next year :)