Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip Itinerary (As Of March 16, 2011)

Here is the itinerary so far. Going for a middle of the road pace of 15 Nights/16 Days. I can speed up some days and slow down on others if needed. I am sure I will feel better some days and not as hot on others. I am going to bookend this wondrous trip with a climb of Half Dome on Day One and Mt. Whitney at the conclusion. I  also plan to summit Cal-Tech Peak (13,832') on Day 14 if possible.
Friday July 22nd: Happy Isles To Half Dome (8.4 Miles) To Clouds Rest Junction (2.5 Miles) To Camp 1.12 Along Sunrise Creek Elev. 8,540' (3.4 Miles) Total: 14.3 Miles, +6,321' 
Saturday July 23rd: To Sunrise (2.8 Miles), To Tuolomne Meadow (10.9 Miles) Total=13.9 Miles, +1800'
Sunday July 24th: To Thousand Island Lake: 19.2 Miles, +3400' 
Monday July 25th: To Reds Meadow: 17.2 Miles, +1850' 
Tuesday July 26th: To Purple Lake: 13.9 Miles, +3030' 
Wednesday July 27th: To Pocket Meadow: 11.8 Miles, +2170' 
Thursday July 28th: To Marie Lakes: 16.1 Miles, +4000'
Friday July 29th: To Muir Trail Ranch (7.5 Miles), To Piute Creek (4.8 Miles): Total=12.3 Miles, +800'
Saturday July 30th: To Sapphire Lake: 12.7 Miles, +2870'
Sunday July 31st: To Deer Meadow/P.C.: 18.1 Miles, +2200'
Monday August 1st: To Lake Marjorie: 14.8 Miles, +4250'
Tuesday August 2nd: To Rae Lakes: 16.5 Miles, +3100'
Wednesday August 3rd: To 11,230' Camp: 12.0 Miles, +3148'
Thursday August 4th: To Wallace Creek (Caltech Peak): 13.4 Miles, +4400'
Friday August 5th: To Guitar Lake: 7.5 Miles, +2100'
Thursday August 6th: To Mt. Whitney & Whitney Portal: 16.0 Miles, +3500' 
Totals=229.7 Miles, +48,939'

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Campground Reservations: March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011: Today was the first day to make a campground reservation in Yosemite National Park. The sites were available at 0700 at We are planning to be in Yosemite on July 19th-22nd when I will depart for the JMT. We orginally wanted to climb Half Dome on the 20th, but after hearing that all the permits were sold out in minutes for climbing in June, we are opting for the permit free Clouds Rest hike out of Tenaya Lake. Just sounds more peaceful.

So, there I was at 0655, all ready to go and logged onto I started trying to book anything on the valley floor (Upper, Lower and North Pine Campgrounds) the second it striked 0700. To my surprise, everything was sold out at 0700. How could this be possible???  Quick thinking, I went to the back-up plan. I was able to reserve a campsite at Tuolomne Meadows for the 19th and 20th. I am able to stay at the backpackers campground on the 21st across the footbridge at North Pines Campground. So, we are all covered, but just barely. What a nightmare this permit/reservation process has been. I feel fortunate to have obtained my JMT and campground permits. I feel for all the deserving people that have inevitably been left out in the cold.

Updated plan is to drop off truck at Whitney Portal on July 19th. Drive up to Tuolomne Meadows to camp the 19th and 20th. Climb Clouds Rest from Tenaya Lake on the 20th. Break camp and move to the backpackers camp on the valley floor on the 21st and off on the JMT the 22nd.

Coming soon: Trip Itinerary.............................

Friday, March 11, 2011

Preparation: Permit Application, February 1, 2011

Hello all. This is the start of the grand old adventure known as the John Muir Trail. Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. I plan to complete the hike solo and in 15 nights/16 days. 235 Miles and 47,000' of elevation gain.

There is a quota for backpacking the JMT. Leaving from Happy Isles in Yosemite, only 6 people per day can start the trail via a reservation. 4 more people can obtain walk in permits the day before you plan on hiking. The first day I could apply for my original departure was February 1st at midnight. First attempt=denied :(. Second attempt=denied, third attempt=denied. At this point I was considering just driving up in July and waiting in line for a walk in permit. A litte risky with all the planning, purchasing of food & gear and getting time off from work. I was just about to give up on the reservation thing when my fourth attempt was approved :). What a relief. So, I am now going to start the JMT on Friday July 22nd.

The plan is to leave Southern California on July 19th, drop off my truck at Whitney Portal, then head for Yosemite. We (Judy will be accompanying me to Yosemite) are hoping to reserve at campsite somewhere in Yosemite near the Happy Isles trailhead. Upper Pines hopefully. July 20th we want to climb Half Dome or Clouds Rest if permits are unavailable for Half Dome. July 21st will be a chillax day, then I am off first thing the 22nd.