Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip Itinerary (As Of March 16, 2011)

Here is the itinerary so far. Going for a middle of the road pace of 15 Nights/16 Days. I can speed up some days and slow down on others if needed. I am sure I will feel better some days and not as hot on others. I am going to bookend this wondrous trip with a climb of Half Dome on Day One and Mt. Whitney at the conclusion. I  also plan to summit Cal-Tech Peak (13,832') on Day 14 if possible.
Friday July 22nd: Happy Isles To Half Dome (8.4 Miles) To Clouds Rest Junction (2.5 Miles) To Camp 1.12 Along Sunrise Creek Elev. 8,540' (3.4 Miles) Total: 14.3 Miles, +6,321' 
Saturday July 23rd: To Sunrise (2.8 Miles), To Tuolomne Meadow (10.9 Miles) Total=13.9 Miles, +1800'
Sunday July 24th: To Thousand Island Lake: 19.2 Miles, +3400' 
Monday July 25th: To Reds Meadow: 17.2 Miles, +1850' 
Tuesday July 26th: To Purple Lake: 13.9 Miles, +3030' 
Wednesday July 27th: To Pocket Meadow: 11.8 Miles, +2170' 
Thursday July 28th: To Marie Lakes: 16.1 Miles, +4000'
Friday July 29th: To Muir Trail Ranch (7.5 Miles), To Piute Creek (4.8 Miles): Total=12.3 Miles, +800'
Saturday July 30th: To Sapphire Lake: 12.7 Miles, +2870'
Sunday July 31st: To Deer Meadow/P.C.: 18.1 Miles, +2200'
Monday August 1st: To Lake Marjorie: 14.8 Miles, +4250'
Tuesday August 2nd: To Rae Lakes: 16.5 Miles, +3100'
Wednesday August 3rd: To 11,230' Camp: 12.0 Miles, +3148'
Thursday August 4th: To Wallace Creek (Caltech Peak): 13.4 Miles, +4400'
Friday August 5th: To Guitar Lake: 7.5 Miles, +2100'
Thursday August 6th: To Mt. Whitney & Whitney Portal: 16.0 Miles, +3500' 
Totals=229.7 Miles, +48,939'

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